We guarantee you will love your new kitten and so will your allergies!

Several of our family members are severely allergic to cats. If my husband walks into a room that a cat has occupied, he can tell you they've been there before he sees one thing that belongs to them: simply because of his allergic reaction. However, we have always loved cats despite the allergies. We didn't know that the Russian Siberian even existed until a few years ago when we were researching kittens for our daughter. We were so excited to finally find a cat that our family could handle to be around without stuffy noses and asthmatic reactions. The Russian Siberian is truly an amazing cat! It is my desire to share this wonderful experience with you! If you adopt one of my Siberian kittens, I want you to be thrilled to have him or her but we understand that everyone's bodies are different. If you find that your allergies just will not allow you to keep your kitten, you are welcome to return the kitten within 2 weeks of receiving him or her for a full refund.